Jeanette Archer

Jeanette Archer is a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor from the UK. She has revealed detailed information about ritual abuse that she has endured and has witnessed in her Grandfather’s Farm and in locations such as Windsor Castle where she was forced to take part in hunting games and experienced ritual torture in the presence of the Queen of England. Jeanette was born into a family participating in SRA. She was forced to be a participant in Satanic Rituals for intnsly for ten years as a child. She grew up as one of five siblings. Her siblings were also forced to participate in this abuse. Her mother stayed home with the children and her father worked odd jobs. She has memories of being ritually abused since her toddler years. She has recently organized marches and has given interviews in which she has discussed details of her extperiences and names her perpetrators.

One thought on “Jeanette Archer

  1. This is an amazing compilation, thank you so much! I have such a hard time convincing people that SRA is real! And that oftentimes, these people are trafficked by their “family”! People just can’t believe it, but I do and I always have. So thank you.


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