Cali Shai/ Claire J Walker

Cali is an SRA survivor whose son was recently abducted by a Satanic Cult in Florida. She has not been able to communicate with him and fears that he is being used for sex trafficking and other occult practices. She has been sharing information about his captors on social on Twitter and Telegram. Follow her on Twitter at

In a recent interview Cali described her life in child trafficking and within a Satanic Cult. She was only allowed to associate with people in the cult she grew up in. As an adult she continues to be targeted and assaulted.

Cali was abused frequently as a child by powerful wealthy people. She describes being taken out of her classes in schools that she attended to be raped.

Her father was a serial killer who worked in the fruit/ juice industries. Human sacrifice and the “juicing” of dead bodies occurred at her father’s worksite.

Jay Parker

Jay Parker is a Satanic Ritual Abuse surivivor who grew up in Arden Delaware. His mother can trace her Illuminati Blood line to the Amelak Canaanites. His great grandfather moved from Ireland to start Satanic colonies in the US. The town of Arden, Delaware was founded as a Satanic Community.

Jay has memories of participating in Satanic Rituals, rape, torture untill 6 years of age. His mother told him that electric shock was used in her abdomen in all of her pregnancies. This was done to distupt the neural pathways of the infants brain. He states that this along with extreme torture until the age of six disrupts the subconconcious mind and creates a psypathic personality.

He rejected Satan. He was then put into goevernment mind control programs.

He currently gives lectures and interviews currently on Satanism and Spirituality.

Cheryl Hersha Beck

Cheryl Hersha Beck is an MK Ultra /SRA survivor. She was trafficked by her father to various elite families including the Rockefellers. As a child she suffers multiple illnesses and injuries because of the severity of the injuries she sustained during ritual abuse and torture. These injuries include STD’s, broken neck, collorectal issues. She eventually became a nurse. Currently, she is physical incapacitated as a result of the trauma she endured.

Listen to Cheryl’s story here

Fiona Barnett

Fiona Barnett is a Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse from Australia. She has devoted many years to exposing Satanic Pedophyle rings in Australia. She had been raped and tortured Anthony Kidman, Nicole Kidman’s Father. She also discusses being tortured and raped as a small child by Richard Nixon. She has authored a book, detailing her experiences called ” Eyes Wide Open”

Fiona’s book

Toos Nijenhuis

Toos Nihenhuis is an SRA survivor from Holland. She was used to initiate men into the Masonic Order as a young child. She was trafficked to parts of Europe by “The Doctor”. She has been ritually abused by prominent world leaders and clergy. In the video below, she gives a graphic account of the abuse that she endured as a young child.

Katie Groves

Katie Groves is an MK Ultra survivor who reveals details of her programming and abuse when she was a child. She participated in snuff films in an underground area called Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory. In the last few years she has been working to integrate her alters. She is currently homeless and intermittently uploads videos on You Tube and provides details of her life.

Jeanette Archer

Jeanette Archer is a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor from the UK. She has revealed detailed information about ritual abuse that she has endured and has witnessed in her Grandfather’s Farm and in locations such as Windsor Castle where she was forced to take part in hunting games and experienced ritual torture in the presence of the Queen of England. Jeanette was born into a family participating in SRA. She was forced to be a participant in Satanic Rituals for intnsly for ten years as a child. She grew up as one of five siblings. Her siblings were also forced to participate in this abuse. Her mother stayed home with the children and her father worked odd jobs. She has memories of being ritually abused since her toddler years. She has recently organized marches and has given interviews in which she has discussed details of her extperiences and names her perpetrators.