Jay Parker

Jay Parker is a Satanic Ritual Abuse surivivor who grew up in Arden Delaware. His mother can trace her Illuminati Blood line to the Amelak Canaanites. His great grandfather moved from Ireland to start Satanic colonies in the US. The town of Arden, Delaware was founded as a Satanic Community.

Jay has memories of participating in Satanic Rituals, rape, torture untill 6 years of age. His mother told him that electric shock was used in her abdomen in all of her pregnancies. This was done to distupt the neural pathways of the infants brain. He states that this along with extreme torture until the age of six disrupts the subconconcious mind and creates a psypathic personality.

He rejected Satan. He was then put into goevernment mind control programs.

He currently gives lectures and interviews currently on Satanism and Spirituality.

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