Cali Shai/ Claire J Walker

Cali is an SRA survivor whose son was recently abducted by a Satanic Cult in Florida. She has not been able to communicate with him and fears that he is being used for sex trafficking and other occult practices. She has been sharing information about his captors on social on Twitter and Telegram. Follow her on Twitter at

In a recent interview Cali described her life in child trafficking and within a Satanic Cult. She was only allowed to associate with people in the cult she grew up in. As an adult she continues to be targeted and assaulted.

Cali was abused frequently as a child by powerful wealthy people. She describes being taken out of her classes in schools that she attended to be raped.

Her father was a serial killer who worked in the fruit/ juice industries. Human sacrifice and the “juicing” of dead bodies occurred at her father’s worksite.

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